Delay Speech in Toddlers

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Delay Speech in Toddlers

It is one of the common problems of parents who have complained about the conditions of their children. Speech delay is a condition when your toddler does not speak at all or can only say a few words. According to research, it has been found that one in five children experience a delays in speech.
If your toddler can not / have not started talking at age 2 years or even up to 2 years, then as a parent you need to consult this matter with your pediatrician.
There are techniques to train / stimulate talk to toddlers so that every parent should apply to improve the ability of late talking toddlers. Sharing Here are some ways that enhance the development of late talking toddlers.

1. Increase the intensity of the conversation with
If your child has not started talking at age 2 years and even up to 2 years, then there is a possibility that your child does not know enough about the vocabulary to express what he saw, what he wanted and about himself. Generally, children who lack knowledge of vocabulary and this will hinder them to be able to speak. Minimal vocabulary makes the inability to speak and pronounce words. So, if you slow toddler can not talk, you and family members should be invited to speak to increase the intensity. Always explain to him about everything that he saw, taught with simple words, everything he did, something that is in the house or she sees. Then, every day try to ask about its activities today. With a simple two answer choices first. For example: "Today take a nap or not? sleep? or play? "," want to meal with chicken or fish? chicken? or fish? "By increasing the intensity of the conversation with him, will be introduced, adding new vocabulary and enrich him, which he would later recall, especially when every day there are almost the same question.

2. More descriptive
Do not just introduce an object that he saw it, but try to describe and introduce the use of an object what he saw. For example, is "It's called a pencil. Pencils are used for writing and drawing on paper. "," It's called a glass. The glass used to drink. "" It's called a mobile phone. Mobile used to call my father. "" It's called a car. Cars used if the sister wants to go for a walk to grandma's house. ", Etc. Introduce vocabulary and describing it, will make your toddler recognize objects. And repetitive descriptions of objects to be pushed to speak and learn different words. Remember, this must be done repeatedly, as often as possible and every day.

3. Reading her book (Storytelling / Storytelling)
Read a picture book for your toddler, while he watched the picture in the book, is one of the easiest ways to improve the child's speech development. Please Select a simple picture book, for you are late talking toddlers. When reading stories to him, pointing to a picture and introduce each vocabulary in each image. Hear and get to know each of the words that he saw on the picture for a period often (as often as possible / day) will make the brain more developed to be able to talk. Once you introduce each image with its name, you can test it by turns to ask him. For example: "It's called animal elephant. Elephant big body. Elephants also have a long nose, proboscis name. "Then asked him back. "What's his name?", Or "This is what large body of animal?" If he has not memorized, guide to the correct answer, with a simple fragment. " li--on ". All need a process. At first perhaps he would answer by saying not perfect, eg " li-on " teach the patient to repeat the correct answer. " li--on "

4. Sing and play songs kids
Singing the songs of children, not only entertain your children but also help in building his new vocabulary. You can sing alone when with him, or play children's songs from a CD video, youtube, or television show-themed toddler educational, such as children's musical film. You should sing for him while bathing him, when playing with him, when the time relaxing with family, when he wakes up, or at any time while dealing with what he did. For example, when he will eat, try to sing the song: "Before we eat the deck, .. wash your hands first, ... maintain the health of the deck, to be healthy always ..." or when he wakes up: "I kept waking up shower .. do not forget to brush teeth .. ",  children consume the supported food for children, etc.

5. Exposure outdoors
There are so many reasons behind the delay of the child can speak. One of them is a shame for others who never / rarely he encountered. Therefore, you need to give the right exposure for your toddler. Frequently invited to play at the playground where children gather his peers. Enroll your child in a club or activity that makes it interact, play and meet with a group of peers. Eg: ECD Park, Playground.
Give chance to your child in an activity will give him the opportunity to learn the language of his peer group.