Oyster Mushroom Treatment For Diseases

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oyster Mushroom Treatment For Diseases
Besides being a good source of nutrients for the body, the oyster mushroom is also efficacious for the treatment of various diseases. Healing properties of oyster mushrooms is making is often used to treat a variety of serious illnesses in humans. Diseases such as high cholesterol, liver, diabetes, anemia, and are used as antiviral and anticancer drugs. With a high fiber content, which is around 1.56%, oyster mushrooms are excellent for improving the digestive system can even be used to treat digestive disorders and help weight loss diet program.

Oyster mushrooms as an alternative protein source
Protein content of the oyster mushroom is full with 9 essential amino acids. Even the protein content of dried oyster mushrooms reached 10.5-30.4%, which means the protein content is much higher than other feed ingredients such as rice, which was only 7.3% dry weight and 13.2% by weight of dry grain. Even the protein content of oyster mushrooms can be higher than that of cow's milk has a protein content of 25.2%. Therefore, oyster mushroom can be used as an alternative protein source.

Oyster mushroom as a supplement in the diet
Very high fiber content, which is around 1.56% of wet weight or dry weight 7.4-24.6, making oyster mushroom is highly suitable as a diet program. Fiber content in the form of lignocellulose has enormous benefits to increase the activity of the digestive system.

Oyster mushrooms for people with high cholesterol
Oyster mushrooms have a nutritional value equivalent to meat. However, the oyster mushroom has other advantages, which do not contain cholesterol that are harmful to health. This opinion is reinforced by a study conducted by the United States and Drugs Administration. The Board conducted a study in rats. By granting mushroom for three consecutive weeks, the serum cholesterol levels dropped by 40%. This is good news for people with high cholesterol. By eating a mushroom, nutrition for the body to remain unfulfilled, but stay safe on cholesterol levels. Even if consumed regularly, oyster mushrooms can lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Oyster mushrooms as anti-cancer and anti-tumor
Oyster mushrooms have content channels in high enough quantities. Compound channels are believed to function as an antitumor and antioxidant. So consuming oyster mushrooms regularly can also prevent the disease of cancer.

Oyster mushrooms to fight the flu and cold
Some experts recommend the mushroom as a super food that is very important in maintaining a healthy body. Consuming mushrooms regularly can increase the body's resistance to colds and disease resistance in the cold.