Mefenamic Acid - Acute And Chronic Pain Relief

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mefenamic Acid - Acute And Chronic Pain Relief
Can eliminate serious and serious discomfort, light to average in connection with frustration, tooth ache, primary dysmenorrhea, including discomfort due to stress, discomfort, muscle pain, discomfort after surgery, discomfort in giving birth.

Side effects:
Gastrointestinal disruptions may occur, such as discomfort of the stomach, abdominal intestinal colic, nausea or throwing up, throwing up and diarrhoea, sleepiness, wooziness, frustration, blurry perspective, vertigo, dyspepsia.

In ongoing use at a amount of 2000 mg or more a day can cause agranulocytosis and hemolytic anemia.

In sufferers with peptic sores, colitis, kidney disorders, asthma and sensitivity to mefenamic acid.

Use with warning in sufferers with kidney or liver disease and swelling of the abdominal tract.