Nose Health and Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Nose

Friday, October 31, 2014

Nose Health and  Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Nose

The nose is one part of the body that serves as the sense of smell, and it is very important to maintain their health. If you do not not maintain the health of the nose, it will give rise to a wide range of health problems such as sinusitis, inflammation of the nose, nasal infections and other diseases.
When  nose is having problems, it will not be able to function well. One of the consequences of a nose problem is you will be hard in sensing  food you will consume with. Here are some tips that you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your nose. Natural Ways to Maintain Healthy Nose.

Maintaining Healthy Nose

To keep the nose healthy, be sure to cover your nose when you are in a dusty place. If every day you go to work on a motorbike, use a mask to protect your nose from polluted air. Too much smell the dust and pollution that is around you will be fatal where your nose dirty.

Cleaning mucus out of the nose

Things you should pay attention to maintaining the health of the nose, if you have a disease such as sneezing, it helps if you close your nose with a glove or use a mask. It is very important that you do not transmit the disease you have to others. Sneezing disease transmission is very easy to happen because the transmission medium is done with the air that we breathe in the air every day. At the time of sneezing, you will also find the mucus out of your nose. Be sure to clear the mucus so as not to dry up and attached to your nose.

Do not do the nose scraping the dirt by hand

It is better if you clean it with water so that mucus is already out will be cleaned easily. Third, clean the inside and outside of your nose in a proper way. Here is how to clean your nose. First, you can use a handkerchief with a damp towel to clean the inside of the nose. Second, after all the parts of your nose clean, use a soft cloth to dry. Things you should avoid is to clean your nose with your hands. cleaning the nose by hand will cause all sorts of problems in your nose an infection. In addition, the hand is one part of the body that is easy to overcome by germs and bacteria.

Eating Herbs For Your Sinusitis Sufferers

If you currently suffer from sinusitis, immediately conduct inspections and choose how to act right treatment for your health. Herbal remedies be the right choice for you, because not only safe for the health of organs, natural herbal remedies do not cause side effects on the health of your body. Sea cucumber extract is very effective, according to research to help various types of health problems as a natural remedy especially sinusitis sufferers. There are about 50 types of biological active ingredients found in the sea cucumber extract.
Here are the essential active ingredients of Sea Cucumber (tripang gold) Gold-G based on the results of the study: Protein 86.8%, 80.0% Collagen, Mineral, Mucopolysaccharide, Glucasaminoglycans (GAGs), a natural antiseptic, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, saponin, Omega-3, 6, and 9, Amino Acids, Lectins, Vitamins and Minerals, and Gamapeptide.
For more information on how to treat sinusitis, please consult the Traditional Medicine Disease Sinusitis expert.

Good luck for your effort to care and maintain  healthy nose.