Health Breakfast with Porridge.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health Breakfast with Porridge.

Taking a breakfast is important to start the morning activities.
Before the activities of the day, we would take the time to eat or just taking a food in the morning. Any busy work, we definitely do not skip breakfast. Eating in the morning is necessary for the body, especially if you are heavy and move up during the day. Before entering the lunch hour our bodies need enough energy to  utilize.

Many types of food are prepared in the morning for the breakfast menu. Each of us have definitely different tastes when choosing the menu of  food for breakfast. Here are some foods that you can try making a healthy menu for breakfast:

1. Eggs, appetizers in the morning would not need staple food . By consuming one egg provides enough energy for the body. The eggs should be boiled and can also to be fried egg with butter or other.

2. Bananas. Do you know why the artist korean slim body. South Korean K-pop great. The artist is always eating bananas as food in breakfast. This is because bananas contain potassium and filling for the body, a banana is enough in the morning.

3. Fruit juices - fruit. As an appetizer morning juice is very good for health and in the morning empty stomach is still very good if given intake of fruit juice - fruit.

4. A cup of hot tea or coffee. Maybe this is for those of you who do not like to linger - long at the dinner table and less likely to chew on in the morning, a glass of hot tea and good coffee for breakfast in the morning with regard sugar as the prevention of diabetes.

5. Fruits. In addition to be made in juice, fruit such as melon, strawberries and watermelon consumption good in the morning as a breakfast menu in the dining immediately after the peel. Because fruit - fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and calories needed body.

6. Porridge. It's also very good at catering for breakfast. Porridge healthy foods that are good for digestive health and as an energy enhancer. The green bean porridge highly recommend
Skipping breakfast is very unfortumated for you and your health. This  foods help you gain maximum energy before the move / work until it was lunchtime.

Good tips - healthy tips menu for breakfast benefit you and thank you for visiting.