Keeping Heathy in Drought season

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keeping Heathy in Drought season

Drought in the dry season can be a threat to the body. The hot weather makes the body so vulnerable to illness.
Taking preventive measures for health needs to be done early. Moreover, the threat of dehydration in the front of the eye where it can be entrances of other diseases come.

So, what should be considered during the dry season so that health is maintained? Here are some of the tips presented by an Urgent Care physician specialties, on how to avoid common health hazard in the dry season, as released:

Wear sunblock before any activity in outdoor.
The sting of the sun during the summer or dry season in tropic not only makes it easy to dehydration but also lets you easily fall sick and trigger other diseases. In certain circumstances, when direct contact with sunlight left unchecked can lead to skin cancer.

Therefore, someone who is already planning to spend time outdoors should exercise caution
and always wear sunblock.

"The first solution is to avoid direct discharge to always go to shady places in drought condition,"  suggested.Urgent Care physician specialties,

Always bring drinking water
Most important when the hot weather is keeping the body hydrated. Carry mineral water wherever you go to do your activities.