Healthy Environment Creates Healthy Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthy Environment Creates Healthy Family

Have a Healthy Environment is a dream of a family, it can be applied in daily life, beginning from ourselves
A place to stay free of trash will make us healthier and the members of our families protected from various diseases. Some of the ways you need to do in order to keep your environment healthy, is as follows

Always keep the trash in parts of a specific room in your house, Trash is an inseparable part of people's daily activities. However, if the waste is not handled properly, can be an issue that upsets the balance of the environment and also result in health problems of the body.

Manage your garbage in your house well.
Do not let trash pile up and scattered. Garbage is piled up and strewn course will invite guests who were not invited, a carrier of diseases such as viruses and bacteria that can harm your family health.

Always Clean the floor of the house.
 Having a house floor clean and shiny in addition to health reasons of course will beautify the look of your home. Although the floor of the house has been swept and mopped every day on a regular basis by using chemical cleaning products are easily available in the market, but it's good when not using the product in excess cleaning materials.

Clean the items and also the windows regularly
Cleaning stuff at home sometimes seem trivial, when in fact  goods healthy also need to be done, especially when the dust had accumulated, of course, less dusty environments healthier. look for a fast,
effective, and fuel-efficient in cleaning stuff if you have achieved a kind of people-intensive activity

Home ventilation should function properly.
In order to avoid the virus spreads through the air, the ventilation should function properly, the vent should be open so that air can flow properly and viruses can be carried out of the room. Ventilation also serves as a circulation or air exchange in the room, the air circulation is functioning properly can create cool conditions in the home.

Do not dispose of waste in vain.
You try not to throw any rubbish or waste in the form of either time or any time near that far away from your home. Not only to maintain the health of your family or other people's families, but can keep our environment free from the threat of floods.

Not only is the healthy environment in the home that we need to watch, of course, outside of the home environment, you also need to be your case, ranging from the patio to the yard, doing voluntary work was at least once a week to maintain the cleanliness of the patio and yard, cut the weeds or dense vegetation or clean the drains so as not to become a den of mosquitoes and rats. Also provide bins for outdoors. Set plants on the home page so that not too much but not too little anyway, the plants in the yard can make homes look fresh and beautiful.