Healthy Motivation Makes Productive Employee

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Healthy Motivation Makes Productive Employee

Motivation is a psychological process that reflects the attitudes, needs, perceptions and decisions that occur in a person, and motivation is a psychological process arising caused by factors from within and from outside, it arises because of the stimulus or incentive.
Principles that must be made by the leader in providing a healthy motivation to employees in the form of:

Wages or Salary viable; Incentives; Pay attention to self-esteem; Meeting the spiritual needs; Meet the needs of participating; Putting in place the right employees; Potential future safety; Environment in the workplace; Something chance to advance; Creating healthy competition. This last mentionned will ensure the employee or workes' safety, so they will be protected from any risk in workplaces possibly happen.

For that motivation can be regarded as a provision of guidance, encouragement or encouraging the employees to be able to work in accordance with the expected goals, in order to achieve organizational goals in an effective and efficient company.

Discipline is the sixth operative functions of Human Resource Management. Discipline is the most important function of HRM operative, because the better discipline of employees, the higher the performance that can be achieved. Without the discipline of good employees, it is difficult for enterprise organizations to achieve optimal results.

Definition of labor discipline made by many experts is as follows:
Labor discipline is the attitude, behavior, and act in accordance with the regulations of the company both written and unwritten. Other may say labor discipline Discipline is the activity of management to run the organization's standards.Also suggests that there are two types of disciplinary action are:
1. Preventive Discipline
Activities implemented to encourage employees to follow the standards and rules so that abuses can be prevented.

 2. Corrective Discipline
Activities taken to address violations of the rules and try to avoid further violations.
This form of self-control employees, and the implementation of regular and show seriousness work team. So basically work discipline is the most important function of HRM operative and a barometer to measure or determine whether other functions of HRM as a whole has performed well or not by the company.
Given the importance of motivation, it is a form of management attention on the issue of employee motivation in the work is to conduct business in motivating the employees of a particular company through a series of business in accordance with company policy, so the motivation of employees in the work will remain intact. To motivate employees, company leaders must know the motives and motivation of employees  and desired. One thing you must understand that people want to work because they want to meet their needs, whether the need is realized or unconscious need, in the form of material or non-material, physical and spiritual needs.
This motivating many kinds, such as the provision of adequate and fair compensation, rewards and so on. This meant that whatever the employee's needs are met and employees are expected to be able to work well and was pleased with all the task in hand. Once employees are happy with their jobs, employees will respect the rights and obligations of a fellow employee that creates a conducive working atmosphere, in the end the employee voluntarily and earnestly give his best in carrying out its duties and responsibilities, and this means that the discipline kerjalah will be shown by the employees, as motivated in carrying out their duties within the company.

Employees should have a vigorous and highly motivated to work and do his job effectively and efficiently, and then at the end shows high discipline in an effort to realize the mission and goals set that is productive employee.
In connection with the above, then the motivation is a very important issue in a company, because it can improve employee discipline. So the ability of management to provide motivation will determine the success or failure of the company's goals achievement.