Thursday, October 30, 2014


Have you ever failed?
When we felt that the efforts have been done as hard as possible but the results still unsatisfactory. Or even may be some of us are already at the limit of doubt over his/her abilities. Moreover, if we often fail would arise despair, want to give up and not confident in our ability to achieve success. It is necessary for us to learn what makes us fail. What we have not done to succeed and what limits us in achieving our success.
If we continue to fail in every trial then we need to make some correction yourself attitude to successfully achieve our desires. The solution is to examine our attitude in striving to achieve success.
there are 3 things that make people is not success:

- No Patience.
An attempt to obtain any results in accordance with our wishes are not instant meaning that all efforts must be tailored  with a share of obstacles and challenges, sometimes ridicule, but to achieve the success of these things should not be a hindrance to take our lessons. Patience is the key in dealing with problems like this, keep doing vigorously and consistently.

-Do not want to study the successful or people not success.
Business is essentially a paradigm of thinking or how to run a business and how to execute a business, for people who are just starting a business should learn and seek information. and such information could only be obtained from people who are already successful in doing a business. If we do not want to listen to the info it certainly will not be accepted or will listen but do not want to open the mind to accept and digest the information received.

-Do not want to do the job successfully.

Any business is also basically mimics what is done by the people who first lived success coupled with tricks or ideas that are in accordance with the conditions on the ground. People who do not want to do the work of a successful person he/she would not be successful. example: if anyone wants to be successful but in doing the same job that hoe of course he will not succeed so just so hoe.
In business at the Healthy Prosperous obviously we do the work of people who are successful because we do the work as exemplified by our leader.