Reduce Pressure With Stress Massage

Monday, January 28, 2013

Reduce Pressure With Stress Massage
For you ladies, the pressure of office and household work may often cause you to suffer from depression and pressured out with all that. But according to some health experts, you can actually reduce their own sense of stress by doing activate the parts of your system.

1. Head
When you provide a massage hair shampoo on the head using convenience, then carefully damaging a group. We suggest using a hair shampoo with menthol content so cold berstimulasi completely through this action.

2. Face
Give a little satisfaction in the area between the face and jaw by starting your jaw, and use the pointer handy to massage the tip of the jaw in a round movement gradually.

3. Ear
Try tucking your hearing in between the catalog and center convenience, and take carefully until the two convenience together.

4. Hand
Put a little cream on your hands, then tone and flatten. Let your hands give each other a soft massage with the thumbs, from the hand to the tip of his convenience. Enjoy the feeling.

5. Foot
Put one side on you, and the other at you. Turn in the other, like you press a hand towel, then bend you forward as the final activity.

6. Chest
Put your center handy in abdomen area, and lower it carefully with a little pressure to the breast. You will experience the emotions and oscillations that create your system experience in an immediate.

7. Stomach
Massage carefully on the solar plexus, or better known as symptoms of heartburn, with a small group, and progressively getting bigger.

8. Thigh
When you were in the shower, use a hair shampoo container to provide you a massage on the upper leg, then gulungkan container from the inside to the outside of your upper leg and leg. These activities will touch the hard part protected by convenience that cause you to experience extra satisfaction.

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