Mild Dehydration Decreases Productivity In Woman

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mild Dehydration Decreases Productivity In Woman

Happiness mind encourages to move actively. Overactive movement will consequently use more energy and more water to perspire through sweat. Even normal movement needs energy, it means consuming water and decreasing stamina. There are ways for you to conserve energy then you can keep your stamina to remain stable. One of the ways is not expensive and it is easy to control that is the pattern of drinking water, So the mild dehydration  can be avoided.

 Drinking habit is actually controllable. The daily habit of drinking water is easily trained. We have to maintain a good habit in this case. Drink water regularly as much as it is recommended.  The Indonesian Hydration Regional Research Study (THIRST) conducted in 2010  found that 46% of 1,200 people were observed in several major cities in Indonesia have a tendency to mild dehydration. So. It need a slightly diligent in drinking water. This practice is not noticed by the majority of the people of Indonesia.

 In women, with 1.3% dehydration point
1 Cognitive Performance:
• Precautions visually decreased
• Performance of visual record decreased
 Phase 2 which involves mood:
• Exposed to fatigue and inertia
• Blood pressure and anxiety increased
• Easily confused / panicky
• The spirit and activity decreased
3 The symptoms
• Power of concentration decreased
• Difficulty in completing tasks
• Esophageal headache.

So. be careful when feeling  thirsty, and take a cup of water immediately.
And be diligent to spend a moment for drinking water.