Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Pregnant Women

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Pregnant Women
In inclusion to benefits for health, it changes out the dragon fruit is also very useful for females who are pregnant. What are the advantages of dragon fruit for pregnancy?
  • The main material of dragon fruit is supplement C, vitamin b folic acidity, carotene, and dietary roughage, all of which is required by expectant mothers.
  • Monster fruit also contain carbohydrate food that can provide additional power for expectant mothers who are usually exhausted quickly.
  • The material of calcium mineral in the dragon fruit is also important for keeping healthy bone fragments and tooth for both mom and the child.
  • Proteins, metal, and blood potassium, which is also in the dragon fruit allows the body improve level of ability to resist illness.
  • As with other exotic fruit, dragon fruit also contain phytochemicals, a type of anti-oxidant that battle illness.
Vitamin B1 in dragon fruit is required to help the development of the unborn infant, digestive function, allows the intake of necessary protein, and turn carbohydrate food into power. Deficiency of this supplement can make a lady pregnant quickly exhausted and irregular.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit is very high for pregnant women so we hope you will eat it. Read more about swimming during pregnancy