Tips to Keep Our House Health

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips to Keep Our House Health 

House is a building, place of living and taking a shelter for the belove whole family. A lot of time has been spent at home that we live in, so many stories are presented in it both joy and sorrow. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, courtyard homes are places that have been familiar bypassed and used every day. Therefore, maintaining the health and hygienic of all the places and rooms is a task that must be done. Then, is there any tips to keep your home healthy and hygienic for habitation ?

     Have embedded a sense of caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the house that you live today ?. "My house, my heaven", the phrase may have been familiar to our ears. Healthy and clean home will make the occupants feel comfortable and away from diseases that could endanger their health.
Therefore, below are tips and sharing information on keeping the house in good condition and clean. So  it is worth to us and occupied for the whole family.
Healthy Tips. The following tips to keep your home healthy for habitation:

Routine Sweeping house.
Get used to sweep and clean the floor and the home page every morning. Maybe it looks difficult, but if you regularly do it, it will be an easy habit in our daily lives.
Get used to mop. Floor into place often in a stampede, so it will look dirty and the breeding of germs and bacteria. For that, take a moment to mop the entire floor of your home.

Air Circulation
Keep Current Stay at Home. The house and rooms are always closed is certainly not good for the health of the occupants. Morning is a good time to open all the windows and doors so that fresh air can enter and clean our home.

Notice Bathroom Cleanliness.
Drain and clean the bathroom on a regular basis is one thing that should be done, so that no mosquitoes and other harmful germs.

Maintaining Plant.
Provide home page to plant crops or trees in small pots. It aims to create comfort and clean air throughout your home.

Routine Cleaning Refrigerator.
Refrigerator or freezer is a place that is often in touch and in use by all the family. So, do not let the germs and bacteria lodged in these places.

Diligent Clean Your Kitchen.
Try to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area after cooking and keep kitchen tools and utensils to clean.

       Such health tips that discuss tips to keep your home healthy for habitation. Hopefully useful and useful for all readers.