Reading Cultures should be Begun Earlier

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reading Cultures should be Begun Earlier

Reading culture needs special attention and should be practised earlier.
Aactually reading culture should be begun since an early age, because by reading someone will understand in detail than just seeing or viewing television (visual). The pattern of a good read is always putting healthy way of reading a good, knowledgeable and able to develop the power of imagination or power developmental  potential of the brain.  In this case reading scientific papers, as well as literary fiction is more useful than just read material that do not provide the nutrients for the brain more developed.

The literature contains a person is supposed to be a lot of potential good education because a lot of reading materials that are less community building, such as reading material gossip, porn, or just entertainment would not know the truth, and the readings were only used as propaganda for the interests of certain groups .

It may be invisible to the lay reading very tiring eyes than by seeing (visual) television show, due to not knowing or even still using the techniques that are still wrong about how good read and not boring to the reading, and not quick to feel tired of what she was reading.

Thus the method is well read something that is read to understand what she was reading, preparing all the attention or concentration of a book being held as well as reading material for the purposes of the interest that wants impregnated so that the benefits of reading the book can be quickly entered into the memory of the brain, such as a mother who needs tips on how to cook healthy and nutritious bacaaan will select materials related to the problem or a mechanic would be more comfortable with all the reading material related automotive sundries.

The point of reading material tailored to the needs of a person
With good environmental conditions, quiet and the absence of disturbance from other people away is helpful to incorporate into our brains reading material accompanied with a cup of coffee or hot tea concentrate more and make us easier due to the resilience of coffee helps to prevent eye fatigue

And also we know from childhood that the correct reading is in a sitting position, do not lay that will make eyes tired, and eye distance with reading material about 30 cm depending on how much distance we need, because every person is different from In terms of reading distance, because there is the potential for a person exposed to eye disorders ranging from eye and eye plus minus, or cylinder.

Started reading pendahulaun and cultivated with a table of contents that our brains begin to ready the material that will be read and also so that the memory does not quickly disappear try not to mix-mix of reading material, for example from the book A understand overall we have not been transferred to the book B, pattern as it would complicate the process of memory in our brain. And if we are to understand what the content of the reading material, make a note or a note on a piece of paper, try not to  underscored in the book because it will result in a book to be less pleasing to the eye afterwards, and lest we fold reading material if we are still in the middle of the page , due to the curve of the crease will make the former and less neat book, but make little paper as bookmarks.

By reading someone's going to have a much broader and is able to know other sides of the world although it is far from us, and we will find out by reading the experiences of someone with experience so we are able to absorb the (positive) into our lives, and by reading we find it easy to solve problems that we are living.