Healthy and Bright Child

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy and Bright Child
Certainly, It is esired by almost all women, even some believe to have a bright child should prepare since the child still in the womb. As a parent, you can apply some natural ways to make the baby grow up healthy and smart, as it is detailed  below.

Brain Games
Such games, crossword puzzles, chess or guessing game can train your child's left brain. Give the game ranging from easy, then increase to the difficult.

Since long known music can increase the brain well works. It will be complementary to the development of the left brain. Studies stated that classical music can improve the intelligence of children, but further research denied it. An Iranian scientist conducted research and indicated that the brain works better when listening murotal (reciting the Holy Qoran)

Breast feeding for the infant in addition serves to increase the body resistance to disease, are also shown to increase the intelligence of the child later. A Danish researchers found that babies who are breastfed continuously until the age of 9 months is more intelligent than babies who are only breastfed for less than one month.

Nutrition is fulfilled
Provide nutritious food to your child if you want your child to be healthy and intelligent children. Some vitamins for infants are:
Vitamin A, which will contribute to the health of the baby's eyes. Breast milk is the best source of this vitamin, in addition to fruits, dark green vegetables and yellow.
Vitamin B complex to build the baby's immune system.
Vitamin C will facilitate wound healing, resistance to infection.
Vitamin K prevents internal bleeding that may occur in infants.
Vitamin E for immune infants.
Vitamin D plays a role in the formation of baby's teeth and bones. In addition to these vitamins, minerals such as iron and fluoride is also important for the growth and health of your baby's intelligence.
These vitamins and minerals are all present in breast milk. It is also found in some natural ingredients that can be consumed by your baby to have the baby growth and become healthy and bright child.