Food Problems Solution Affect Family Health

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Food Problems Solution Affect Family Health

Internally problem in food problem supply and the capability of community to buy enough food relates to the life of farming families and communities that include nutritional and other problems. This nutritional problem, of course impact to the health of family.

1. Nutrition
Nutrition is fundamental and can not be denied its existence, for example, we eat definitely choose foods tasty and nutritious. However, in some areas of nutrition is difficult to obtain due to the economic crisis. solutions:

a. Should be held from the department of agriculture extension programs specially on the issue of nutrition and the 4 healthy, and the 5 perfect formula of diet.

b. Communities should be encouraged to create the program with the concept of SUSTAINABLE FOOD AREAS HOUSE.  As a solution  in strengthening food Security and nutritional healthy. Which is a set of Sustainable Food for family program.  Sound utilization of the yard and  It is designed to meet the needs of food and nutrition, food diversification based on local resources, preservation of food crops for the future, as well as increased revenue, which in turn will improve the welfare of the community.
To maintain sustainability, utilization of the yard in the concept model.  It is equipped with an institutional Village Nursery, processing and marketing unit to put into effective the Ministerial decree.  Based on these thoughts, as set Model General Guidelines and  the objective is the development of models:

(1) Addressing the food problem and nutrition needs of families and communities through optimizing the sustainable utilization of the yard;

(2) Increase the ability of families and communities in land use in urban and rural yard for the cultivation of food crops, fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants, cattle raising and fishing, agro-processing and processing of household waste into compost;

(3) Develop a source of seeds / seedlings to sustain yard utilization and preservation of local food crops for the future; and

(4) Develop a family of productive economic activities so as to increase the welfare of the family and creating a green environment clean and healthy on their own. Based on these objectives, the targets to be achieved from this model is the development of the ability of families and communities economically and socially to meet the food and nutrition needs in a sustainable manner, to the family and a prosperous society