Ear Disease -

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ear Disease -

Pain is one or both ears and temporary hearing loss is often caused by an infection, which makes you a fever and not feeling well. Sometimes the eardrum injury caused increased pressure and there is discharge from the ear. Ear pain is also caused by the outer ear infections (otitis externa) or associated with throat infections and sinus or dental problems.

You are also exposed to a mild earache due to mucus buildup in the ear due to cold; during hay fever; or due to changes in ear pressure when flying or diving plane.
Some advice and tips you can do at home to reduce or treat mild earache.

Use pain relievers to reduce discomfort (paracetamol or iuprofen) to reduce discomfort, also reduce fever if you are suffering from an ear infection.
Sleeping with the head raised using some cushions to reduce the pressure in the middle ear.
If ear pain due to colds, use a decongestant sprays or drops (that are not blocked) nose to clear the nasal passages.

Warm your ears to reduce ear pain (see practical techniques) Upucking can reduce the blockage in the ear, nose and sinuses.
If the eardrum injury, may be out of fluid. Immediately contact your doctor. Practical techniques to reduce pain in the ear with warm compresses You can make a warm compress by dipping a towel in warm water and squeezed. Press compress on the affected ear up to the cold; then warm again. Alternatively, heat stress  wrapped ear.

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