Five Practical Steps to Overcome Stress

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Five Practical Steps to Overcome Stress

Here are five easy ways to relieve stress.

1.  Groan. Enter a quiet room ( sound-proof room, so that others can not hear you), then inhale. While exhaling, remove the long moaning. Yeah, right. Groaned. Do it three times. Sure..., you will feel much better, please try.

2 . Write a gratitude. Take a piece of paper and write down five things that comes to mind when you ask: "What am I grateful for in my life?" Maybe the answer is a luxury car that you drive, or your faithful pet dog, or just thanks that today police do not hit you ticket. This exercise can immediately turn on the positive feelings within you, relieve  the strees

3. Clean up piles on your working table.  Set your files (including those in the computer), clean the contents of the drawer, cut the grass in the yard. Sense of satisfaction that arises in you after doing all that is one form of stress release.

4. Listen to the MP3 Player. If necessary stay elone in your locked room. Plug the earphones, and turn your favorite songs on - pitched just choose cheerful, excited, or calm and gentlemen. If you do not know what to put where the song, try cheating three selected 50 favorite songs. Among these is the song God Only Knows by The Beach Boys, Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles and Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday.

5. Savour the natural. Some essential oils have a calming effect. Bring a bottle of  clavender oil, sandal wood or chamomile everywhere, so you can directly smell whenever you need. Alternatively, season handkerchief that you just take it with the oils.
Nothing wrong also sipping warm chamomile tea.

Well, the strees is overcome, and it  is out now.