The Causes of Dry Lips

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Causes of Dry Lips

Many cases make our lip dry, the climatic condition as the influences of global warming, nutrition status, body activities, and disease suffered. Cold and dry weather can make your lips more dry. But there are other factors that affect the lip dryness.

One is dehydration. Doctor said, it is  caused by dehydration can not be moistened with saliva. The reason, according to doctor is saliva content - mostly made up of water and electrolytes, enzymes and antibacterial components - can not reduce the evaporation of the moisture content of the lips.

Doctor also said when it happen the lips dry, it is a sign of nutritional deficiency and Sjögren's syndrome. The syndrome is an auto immune disease that attacks the moisture-producing glands, which commonly affects women. Dry lips are not the only signs of Sjögren's syndrome. Dry eyes and nose, as well as inflammation of the joints is also an indicator of the disease.

Although usually harmless, dry lips can be aggravated by contact with external factors. Dry lips can become cracked due to hit something, such as toothpaste, lip color or oil and seasoning food.
"Conditions that can cause contact dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin of the lips due to the penetration of foreign substances into the skin," opined doctors.

As a result, the skin will get dry lips and can even be red because inflamed.