Healthy and Healthful Sitting Position

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Healthy and Healthful Sitting Position

In a day of body move: running, walking, standing, sitting, and lying down. Walking is healthy sign, sitting is sign of tired and lying in sign of sick. Is this true? Of course, it is not correct, because a lot of working activities is done in a sitting position. Students, administrators, even the driver is seated work position. If so, we need to know how to be the correct position, healthy and healthful sitting.

Sitting is a thing we used to do. So usually, we often overlook how the procedure is supposed to sit. Even if we take heed, be on the ethics sits in front of the other people-parents, bosses and officials. The rest, is done in sitting position. Why is a matter of attitude should sit this trivial matter? Besides, because of the serious impact on health problems such as back pain. Also many of us who do not know that there is a procedure for healthy and healthful sitting.

Healthy and healthful sitting is the development of sitting position, while maintaining the point of  balance body position. Posture like this is to be an absolute prerequisite that must be fulfilled to get health. With a body like this attitude, we can manage the flow of blood in our body and also in align with the mind and soul so that the body becomes healthy and fit and soul become calm.

Healthy and healthful sitting is a natural way to prevent and improve one's health. When applied in everyday life, in the workplace, for example, not only can overcome the problem of back pain, headache, stress and other diseases commonly experienced by office workers, but it can also increase concentration and productivity.
Healthy Sitting
How to make a healthy and healthful sitting? Let us consider how the experts' opinion.
Sit with both feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, feet flat on the floor and both hands resting on the thighs. Relax the muscles of your chest. Hold your lower jaw slightly. The view is straight forward so that your head form a straight line with the spine.

While maintaining a sitting stance like this, we can develop it by doing other activities such as typing or writing with a comfortable and full concentration. This seemingly simple job, if the note was requiring coordination between the mind, breath and hands (mind, soul and body). This is what is meant by working with full awareness.

Hopefully, this will become an important notes in our daily activities.