Protection for Healthy and Risks in Workplaces

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protection for Healthy and Risks in Workplaces

To protect workers and make the work safe conducted by employee is the task of management. Here are detailed resumed of risks of work and protection measures released by Ministry of Labour and Transmigration : The purpose of the safety and  occupational health is for protecting for the health of workers, improve work efficiency, prevent accidents and get the goal the health and safety work.
1. Anticipating the presence of factors causing hazards and take precautions beforehand.
2. Understand the types of hazards that exist in the workplace
3. Evaluate the level of danger in the workplace
4. Controlling the dangers or complications. Regulations regarding safety and health manpower Above is the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Labour Act Implementation Details of Labor Occupational Safety and Health.

Safety: Safety Measures aimed at ensuring the integrity and perfection, both physical and spiritual human beings, as well as the work and culture focused on the welfare of the community at large. Detailed safety between humans include: prevention of accidents, and prevent or reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, prevent and or reduce permanent disability, preventing or reducing mortality, and securing materials, construction, maintenance, all of which lead to the improvement of the standard of living and the welfare of mankind, ie. :

1) Supporting the implementation of the tasks of government, particularly in the field of improvement of the standard of living and welfare of workers in the company, industry, plantations, agriculture covering of which about handling safety.

2) Towards the achievement of diversity acts in tackling among other safety issues.

Safety Standards Security as a safety measure there are some things that need to be classified as follows:
a) Protective body, including eye protection, hand, nose, legs, head, and ears.
b) Protective machine, as measures to protect the machine from dangers that may arise from the outside or from the inside or from the workers themselves
c) electrical safety equipment, which at any time may be harmful.
d) Safety of space, including fire extinguishers, alarm systems, hidrant water, adequate lighting, good ventilation, and so on. Prevention is the most effective way
The two biggest things that cause workplace accidents are: behavior insecure and unsafe environmental conditions, based on data from Training Bureau of Labor, the cause of the accident that has ever happened to This current is caused by unsafe behavior as follows:
1. reckless and careless
2. do not comply with regulations
3. do not follow the standard operating procedures.
4. Do not wear personal protective equipment
5. The weak body condition.

All of these possible risks in workplace and  accident must be  imformed by management and be understood by all employee and the workers.