Ways to Shrink Stomach

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ways to Shrink Stomach

Having a bloated stomach is definitely not fit. Especially for women who always want to look slim and look sexy. It can also make you feel less confident. Slim stomach certainly more beautiful and make us appear more confident.

Well, the question is how to shrink the bloated stomach? Is it enough to exercise alone? Actually a lot of ways to get a flat stomach, one of them with a particular exercise like sit ups, then the diet can also make the body more slender.

But here I am not going to take you on a diet or sit ups, but invites you eat. Perhaps you think that all kinds of food can make the body fat instead. In reality, that the assumption was wrong. There are several types of foods that would be able to burn fat and calories so as to shrink the stomach and keeps the body slim.
Here is a list of foods that are useful in order to shrink the stomach and slimming.

 1 Avocado
Avocado fruit is believed to be the fruit of the gods in heaven. It can help you shrink your hips. Scientists suspect that the unsaturated fat contained in avocados can increase delay hunger hormone called Leptin. This hormone can make your brain think that the body is full, so you stop eating.

2 Whole grains or oats
Ready to swap your protruding belly with a slim stomach? Then replace your breakfast with ingredients derived from whole grains or oats. Result of a research shows that these foods help to shrink the stomach. The results also showed 3,000 men and women who switched to whole grains can get a flat stomach. Examples of foods that fall into this category are brown rice, quinoa, whole grain cereals, whole grain breads, and pasta.

3 Beans
Beans are rich in protein sources flavonoids. In research for 14 years, this special shows antioxidant can help reduce the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen. Shrink your stomach and your body with these foods.
4. Cayenne
Cayyene plate of chili or jalapeno or red pepper contains capsaicin, triggers the spicy flavor of chili, which scientists say could reduce appetite and reduce the amount of food later in the day. The same components in chili also avoids fat reserves.

 5. Mushrooms
If you want to try tricks to lower the calories that easy and tasty, replace meat with mushrooms to any of your recipes. Automatically, you'll cut 420 calories from your food, in part because you reduce the saturated fat found in meat. And research shows the same fungus delicious and filling like meat.

6 Grapefruit
Of all the foods that reportedly can lead to weight loss, grapefruit is the most famous. Research shows that this fruit can help get a lean body like a celebrity. Other research shows half of this fruit before eating a big meal can help people who go on a diet to lose a few pounds of body weight.

7 Nuts
Nuts may contain a lot of fat. However, as pisctachio nuts contain healthy unsaturated fats. And like other nuts, pistachios provide additional protein and fiber. All this explains why pistachio is able to help people suppress appetite diet and lose weight.

8 Olive Oil
Oil rich flavor can be found in salads and marinades, single unsaturated fatty acid called Oleik. This acid triggers a complicated process in the gut that are directly ordered brain think you are full and make you stop eating.  Olives oil  also plays a role in heart-healthy medication..

9 Rice with vegetables
Adding to your daily menu the high-fiber vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots on rice, would help lower the number of calories. But, not only that, add them to rice at lunchtime are able to slow the stomach becomes empty. The end result? You will feel full longer. In the study, people will reduce the number of dinner when they added veggies in their lunches.

 10 Eggs
Replace breakfast with a fat-burning foods. Based on research,  egg carbohydrates in terms of filling and can make us resistant to not eat snacks. This is where the eggs proved to be able to help you lose 65 percent of body weight.

11. Yogurt
This food is usually placed in a cup-shaped container contains a lot of calcium. Research shows calcium may help inhibit weight gain by helping the absorption of fat in the small intestine.
Ok, it's the way of slimming the abdomen and makes a slim body with food.
Still, you have to carry a lot of exercise and health.

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