Direct Cause of Obesity

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Direct Cause of  Obesity

Some people have fat cells, but more or twice as many is possessed by other people, said an expert of a university.

Even if you managed to lose weight, the amount of fat containned in your cells are not affected. They are forever in the existing body fat waiting to be filled again. (That sucks of  fat cells in their body are obese or overweight that can hold more fat as well.)

Fat cells arise when childhood and stopped as human get a teenager. They are destined to have more cells that have begun to produce it since the age of two years. Growth was faster, even though the child has been reduced calorie intake.

Expert in obesity or docter has always received numerous complaints from people who feel hopeless after reading the this news or the results of obesity research. However the bad news was not stop till it, the news was added with the finding or the happy argumentation "You better have a lot of fat cells as fat cells will be filled with fat avoiding the more risky disease complications surrounding obesity," added in the research finding.

So, even if you can not reduce the number of fat cells, there are still some things that can be done.