Beautiful and Healthy Foot and Strong

Friday, October 31, 2014

Beautiful and Healthy Foot and Strong

When once is asked to choose which of the two limbs is more important. He/She will, of course, choose this limb is more needed for human.It is   more important for human, the foot. To have strong (for male),smooth and healthy foot will make us more confident. To get beautiful feet need special care. Neither of the skin, knees and legs so that the feet become dull skin, healthy and attractive. But many people do not know the correct way to care for the health of the foot.
How to have foot look beautiful and healthy.
-By cycling
By cycling regularly will make your feet become stronger and slimmer. When done regularly, the foot muscles will become stronger and be able to lose fat on the thighs and calves. In addition, cycling regularly will also prevent varicose disease.
-By Massagin
After a long time of exercise, foot will feel tired. Always massage the feet so getting relax, you can use essential oils to massage the feet in order to get healthy. Because the foot massage will enhance blood circulation and make the leg muscles also become rilex.

- By Utilizing lemons
You can take advantage of lemon juice mixed with cold water and essential oil. Used to soak the feet so that it will refresh the foot and leg muscles inside. Soak about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water and apply body lotion on the feet. Caring heels so as not cracked
Who does not want to have smooth heels and not cracked. To get that special care should be done regularly at least once a week. It would be better if the treatment is done at bedtime.

-Use warm water given sea salt / salt bath to soak the feet. Before soaking the feet should wash clean out and soak for 10-15 minutes. The way it will help lift dry skin, and reduces leg fatigue.

-Rub the heel cracked by using specific tools / pumice. This will help lift the skin-dry skin on heels. So that the heel is smooth and not cracked.

-Doing massage on the heels of the feet slowly so that the heel of the healthy foot to relax. It would be better if you use a foot scrub because it will help exfoliate the dead skin on the heels. After that, wipe with a damp cloth and rinse with clean water and dry with a clean towel.

-Use a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin moisture and smoothness. At the time of applying a moisturizer to massage the heels slowly so that the circulation in the heel to be smooth.

-Finally, to get the most tips above do before bed. In order to obtain a smooth heel and healthy foot after undergoing treatment on wear socks during sleep. Then the next day, your heels will become smooth and soft.

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