Curing Function of The Infected Lung

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Curing Function of The Infected Lung

Lung is vital organ in our body. It may damage by some causes. One of them is the bad habit. For some people, smoking is able to bring the effects of relaxation and suggestion enhancer confidence in one's psyche. But behind it all we know that cigarettes contain several chemicals that harm the body for example the most dangerous is nicotine for the lung.
The following tips will help improve your lung health or at least minimize the adverse effects of smoking. So, you should stop smoking from this moment, right now!

1. Omega 3
Provision of foods rich in omega-3 in patients with chronic lung disorders (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease / COPD) can improve lung function of patients. This is indicated by a decrease in serum, mucus production levels and improved symptoms in patients with COPD.

2. Soybean
Consuming foods and beverages that contain a lot of soy may improve lung function and reduce shortness of breath chronic disease.
A team  of researcher  examined 300 patients with shortness of breath and 340 healthy people about soy consumption. As a result, those who consume products containing soy has to do with the improvement in lung function and decline in the risk of shortness of breath.
"After investigation, flavonoids found in soy foods act as anti-inflammation in the lungs and can protect the lungs from tobacco that causes cancer for smokers.
According to researchers, besides good for the lungs, soy can also lower cholesterol and menopausal symptoms.

3. Transplantation
For the first time, researchers from the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University Health Network successfully used gene therapy to repair the lungs were "broken" and is used for transplantation to patients in need.
The way it works, the donor lungs will be stored under conditions of normal body temperature by placing it in a dome to protect. Then, lung perfusion Toronto XVIVO system continuously pumping fluid without blood oxygen, proteins and nutrients to the lungs that "disabled" is. This method mimics the lung condition in general, so that the cells are "disabled" can improve yourself and created a great lungs and can be applied as a donor. After that, put the gene IL-10 can inhibit the body's immune response to infection so that the new transplanted organ is not damaged.
I would like to continue discussing this matter in another article (Remedial Actions to Cure Infected Lung)