Bamboo Shoot as Disease-Preventing Food

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bamboo Shoot as Disease-Preventing Food

Don’t think of bamboo can only be used as a raw material of crafts and material of traditional building. Bamboo plant usually grows and its shoot (young plant) called the tiller (the sucker) is able to produce as culinary vegetable with typical taste.

You might hear the vegetable bamboo shoots. Vegetable shoots actually comes from the young shoots of bamboo. It feels a slightly sweet and the texture is a bit rough.
Vegetable bamboo shoots cooked by the people of Central Java. Meanwhile, Rejang tribe on the island of Sumatra, often made of bamboo shoots into small pieces entries that are blended together and fermented fish such as tilapia in banana leaf rolls for 3 days and cooked with coconut milk.

Currently, It is beginning a processed bamboo shoot in the form of other foods such as chips bamboo shoots, pickled bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots vinegar. There is also a community of Java spring rolls are filled with the basic material of bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoot contains quite high starch and also contain protein with 12 amino acids. Bamboo shoots can be prepared as a disease-preventing foods.

As hard material of bamboo, the young shoot of banboo that is cooked by professional has a rather hard taste in our mouth, but its creation of professional in special tribes as Sundanese of Wst Java, Javanese of Central Java and Rejang of Sumatra. They believe by consuming the meal some disease could be prevented.