Healthy Life in the Air-Conditioned Room

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Healthy Life in the Air-Conditioned Room

We would feel comfortable in air-conditioned room. Because the room is cool, your metabolism goes slower, automatic aging process becomes slower. In the air-conditioned room the air is also cleaner and fresher, so it becomes more oxygen intake, your body would be healthier.

But we must be careful, because there are dangers lurking in the room. We must realize, in the air-conditioned room, we are so lazy to drink, because they do not feel thirsty. In the air-conditioned room, so we do not sweat, automatic salts in the body is higher. When in fact the sweating, there is a process of detoxification, the body of toxins disposal peroses out with sweat.

People who live in cold climates, are generally very afraid of salt and sugar. The food is bland, not tasty, not salty, not sweet, not spicy and definitely not pleasant and no favors. But behind it all, they generally live longer, healthier and free from kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. People who live in a cool climate, rarely sweat, if he consumption of salt and sugar, such as people living in the tropics, maybe he would have shorter life expectancy.

Conversely, people who live in the tropics safe with consumption of salt and sugar. Of course, salt and sugar that must often be disposed of through sweat, to detoxify.

In addition, he also had a lot to drink in order to detoxify running smoothly. For those who live comfortably in air-conditioned room, be careful because there are death-threatening. What we think is convenient, it is not  healthy. Instead what we consider uncomfortable, sweaty, sticky bodies, may be more healthy for the body.

People who live in cold climates may only need to take a bath twice a week, because rarely sweat. Instead of people living in the tropics need to shower at least twice a day, because it is often sweating.
The Arabs eat a meal of goat meat can reach 2 kg or even more, if you eat chicken, one head for a person for a. But the temperature is hot, when daytime can reach 50 degrees Celsius, can neutralize toxins  in the body through sweat.

In China, no specific therapy to eliminate or reduce levels of salt in the body of the mummy therapy. Body wrapped in plastic like a mummy, and then put in a room with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius for a few hours. With such treatment, the salts in the body will come out with sweat. This process is similar to a sauna or steam bath, whose purpose is to reduce salt levels in the body.

So for those of you who live in air-conditioned rooms need to be more careful and pay attention to this health. Not because of the pursuit of coolness of the room, we became frequent hospital admission. *