Four Ways to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Four Ways to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Our own lifestyle can changes the trend of increase in new cases of diabetes, said experts.
If there is no change, then in the next decade, more and more people around the world and includes Europe will be affected by diabetes. Most of them even losing their lives from the disease. Diabetes and its complications was consuming a lot of cost of care, because it directly adds to medical costs and indirect to loss of jobs productivity in patients.

"Diabetes raises personal, family, and the economy burden,,". ,
Type 1 diabetes is relatively rare, and occurs when the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, usually in children and adolescents.
But type 2 can happen to anyone, although currently most often occurs among the elderly. If the health of a person is not strictly controlled, type 2 diabetes can be diagnosed first time when the person is having a heart attack, stroke or nerve damage. Diabetes can also damage eyesight, kidneys and liver, even decrease sexual function.

A good news for someone who leads to diabetes. The leading process of diabetes can be reversed by making changes in lifestyle, which will help regulate blood sugar.
"The most important thing is to stop gaining weight and remain physically active in everyday life," Even a little reduction in body weight - for example, only five percent - may reduce the rate of development of diabetes.

Below are some tips that you can try to do, to reduce your risk of developing diabetes:

• Actively engaged. "Have a spedometer, and try 6,500 steps per day," Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, or a bike than a car.

• Appropriate food. Apply a diet dominated by plant nutrients, such as whole grains, and avoid sodium, sweetened beverages and high-fat meats.

• Enough Sleep, And do not continuously work.

• Know your blood sugar content, check the blood sugar levels every 6 months (every month, if you have been at risk of developing diabetes).

You can fight against diabetes with a diabetes screening efforts, creating an environment that is safe, and encourage a variety of activities that can increase physical activity. Such strategies can help your community improve their health.