Accidents Happen in Workplaces

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Accidents Happen in Workplaces 

Many cases of accident occurs in workplaces. Detail as mentioned by Ministerial of Labour and Transmigration precausion as percentage of causes of accidents is 3% due to causes which can not be avoided (such as natural disasters), but it is 24% due to environment or equipment that are not eligible, and 73% due to unsafe behavior. An effective way to prevent accidents work is to avoid unsafe behavior that five had mentioned above.

Preventing Accidents
Precaution against the possibility of accidents is more important than overcoming accidents. Accidents can be prevented by avoiding the causes that can lead to accidents. Precautions can be done by way of cautious in doing the job and is marked by a sense of responsibility. Prevent unsafe working conditions, knowing what to do in an emergency, then immediately report any incident, irregularities and any small equipment damage to his superiors. Small or minor damage if left unchecked, the longer will be growing and becoming a serious mistake if it is not fixed soon.

Measures to prevent accidents should be done with  fully responsible for safety measures. Responsible is an attitude that needed both during work and at rest.  This will be very beneficial to the safety of the work. Protection equipment and tools in each work should always be used by adjusting the nature of work safety protective equipment consisting of eye protection, head, ears, hands, feet and nose. The use of protective equipment is tailored to the type of work done. For example, eye protection, wear glasses or gogles to protect from strong light, a spark jumps, spring board hot metal and so on.

Causes of the Accident
A frequent accidents caused by more than one cause. Accidents can be prevented by eliminating things that caused the accident. There are two main causes of an accident.

First, unsafe acts.
Second, unsafe working conditions.

People who get accident injuries are often caused by others or for his own actions that do not support security. Here are some examples of unsafe acts, among others:

a) Using equipment without receiving proper training
b) Using tools or equipment in the wrong way
c) Without wearing protective equipment, such as safety glasses, gloves or protective headgear if the job needs it
d) Making jokes, no concentration, play around with co-workers or others .
e) The attitude of haste in doing the work and carrying dangerous goods in workplaces
f) Creating a nuisance or prevent others from his/her work or allow someone else to take over his job, but the person did not know the job.

On the other hand, accidents often occur due to unsafe working conditions. Here are some examples that illustrate unsafe working conditions, among others: no instructions on safe methods; there is no or lack of training of the workers; wearing clothing that does not fit to do the job tasks; physical incapacitation as blurred vision, less hearing, has long hair which dosturbs in the conducting the work; and lighting systems that do not support.

Unsafe Actions Avoiding How it Works
Irresponsible attitude of an act of ignorance causing many accidents happen. Fool attitudes cause harm to himself or others. Therefore, follow the instructions supervisor (supervisor / leader). Conduct ways and not careless in all respects if it will start working. The cooperation of everyone involved in the work is indispensable in preventing unsafe conditions. Safe working conditions not only as good tools and a new engine. Cooperation of each individual  is workplace is very important. Making the workplace a clean, healthy, orderly organized is a requirement that determine the success of the work.