Oyster Mushroom Ingredients And Its Benefits

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oyster Mushroom Ingredients And Its Benefits

 The oyster mushroom is one food that is on the trend. High nutritional content, as well as the benefits of oyster mushrooms are very good for the health. It is a food that many people wanted. In addition to the content and benefits so much for the health, oyster mushroom is also one agricultural commodity in the production process does not use synthetic chemical fertilizers. So that this commodity is relatively free of absorption of synthetic chemicals.

In addition, the production process, mushroom is also not too much contaminated by exposure to pesticides, because of pests and disease prevention is very little use pesticides, even many of the oyster mushroom growers that do not involve pesticides to address pest and disease.

The production process is relatively low or even no use of chemicals, oyster mushrooms also have properties that can absorb toxins to give the effect of mushroom for diseases treatment, so no need to worry about is the exposure to chemicals in the food supply.

Nutrients contained in the oyster mushroom is very high. Based on research conducted, in 100 grams of fresh oyster mushrooms contains 5.94 grams of protein, 50.59 grams of carbohydrates, grams of fiber, 1:56, 0:17, fat grams, calories 45.65 kJ substance 1.9 mg, 8.9 mg calcium, vitamin B1, 0.75 mg, vitamin B2 0.75 mg, 12.4 mg of vitamin C, and forfor17 mg. In other studies, it was reported that the metal content in oyster mushrooms far below the threshold set.

Very complete nutritional content is making oyster mushrooms have a better nutritional quality when compared with chicken to enhance mushroom benefit. Therefore, the commodity is expected to be an alternative food future. In addition to the high nutritional value, oyster mushrooms are also easy going and processed according to taste. Food is very suitable to serve as a side dish or vegetable. Oyster mushrooms can also be served with any menu, because it is very flexible to be processed as food.