Healthy and Meaningfull Life

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Healthy and Meaningfull Life

This ideal thinking is derived from wisdom people who realized the precious of the very short life duration. It is too precious if it is spent with impossible thinking and productive, causing you stress in the end. Our life is only  once. Religious wise taught gives guidance how to get after death.  So, Let's make life more productive and meaningful. Get rid of the stress in the following way as reported. the following are worth to think.

1. Meditation
Meditation for a few minutes or an hour each day wonders for life. You are calmer and more ready to face the day.

2. Do not keep all the words of others
There are times when we need to hear advice or input from others. But there are times when we have to listen to the heart. Obeying the words of others is never ending and makes you feel sued every time.

3. Do not sweat the small stuff
Bill. A leaking faucet. Lost the key. The taste of food is salinity. These things need to be resolved, but do not think excessive that it becomes a burden.

4. Life is more important than career
If you think that your work is now making you depressed and unhappy, you should find another job. Remain in a situation that makes you uncomfortable just going to stress you out.

5. Take a break once in a while
Take time off and enjoy the rest of your holiday or vacation. You may not work every day is not it? The body and the brain also needs a break.

6. You do not need to have it all
There is no perfect life. Not all hope can be realized perfectly. Therefore, if you feel sad that your dreams do not come true, it is a normal and reasonable. The important thing is you never despair.

You only live once. And so is life is very short. Let's make it a stress free and happy, and let us make this life  a meaningful life.