Food For Children Grow New Teeth

Monday, January 28, 2013

Food For Children Grow New Teeth
Your child will definitely be coming into the start of teething. This period is an important time for you to pay attention to meals that contain nutritional value for the health of the oral cavity and teeth. Here are some meals that can be your choice so that your child teeth can grow well and healthier.

Vitamin C found in fruits such as lemon, kiwi fruit, pawpaw, bananas, and apple can help maintain healthier gum area and protect against gum disease. Moreover, the fruit is low in glucose, so as to reduce the possibility of corrosion that can occur.

In inclusion to its high calcium mineral content, dairy products also contains calcium mineral phosphate that work together to balance the pH in the oral cavity of kids. Mouth with an out of balance pH will become less welcoming to parasites that cause oral cavaties.

Foods such as celery and green beans are rough and act like a mini tooth brush to massage gum area and clean the teeth and taste. Eating celery can also produce more spit to wash the parasites that cause oral cavaties.

white water
Not like juice or dairy products, water has no effect because it does not contain glucose breaking down, so it's excellent to wash food contaminants stuck between teeth. The water also contains fluoride, a mineral that firms teeth enameled.

sweet potato
Sweet apples are an excellent source of supplement A which helps form teeth enameled. Other sources of supplement A are green beans or spinach.

Grow new teeth can give new experience for your children so you must give them good food. We hoped after you have read this article, you get a new education about food for children.