Healthy Nose: Healthy Sense of Smell

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Healthy Nose: Healthy Sense of Smell 

Nose is one part of the body that serves sense of smell. When the function of the olfactory nasal disrupted it can be very disturbing. Although the effect is not too bad, but when the power of smell is reduced to reduce the enjoyment when eating food.
One of the things that can affect our sense of smell is the flu. Even besides disturbing smell, flu also cause difficulty in breathing due to nasal congestion.
To sharpen the sense of smell, there are some things we can do:

-Avoid too frequent flu
Often have the flu can cause a decrease in the power of smell, can even eliminate it. If the receptor cells in the nose has been damaged by the flu virus, then this may be causing permanent damage. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the flu is too often not to attack you.

-Avoid to smell sharp aroma
Another thing that also affects the quality of our sense of smell is too pungent odor exposure primarily from mosquito spray, floor cleaner, and bleach. Not only bacteria and mosquitoes are going to die, but also with the ability to smell. We recommend that you select the type of cleaning that is more natural, or at least not too pungent aroma.

-Learn to distinguish scents
The thing is, you can try to eat with a friend to a favorite restaurant, a new menu is different there, and baby food while rushing to mention the ingredients used in the food you order.

-Avoid substances that degrade the quality of smell
Besides the food, some of the substances contained in the drugs can also reduce the quality of your olfactory senses, one of which is fever-reducing medications. In addition, smoking and drinking alcohol can also reduce the impact on the quality of smell. When consuming alcohol, the alcohol content in the blood will increase and lead to a decline in the quality of smell.

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