Conditions To look Younger Skin

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Conditions To look Younger Skin

 Having naturally looks younger requires a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy lifestyle, women need not to fear facial wrinkles appear earlier. To get facial skin looks younger, you should have the following habitual manner:

1. Vitamin C
 Consume vitamin C is highly needed by the body, especially in the formation of collagen which is associated with the skin,  it will look smoother and younger skin. The body requires the intake of collagen to link amino acids in the formation of proteins in the body. Start eating foods that naturally contain vitamin C such as red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges and kiwi.

2. Stop smoking
In addition to causing health problems, enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which emerged as a result of smoking is proven to damage the collagen in the skin. Smoking can cause your skin is firmer and visibly sagging.

3. Avoid exposure to sunlight
As a result of global warming and the greenhouse effect makes ultraviolet light from the sun more dangerous. Exposure to sunlight is the main cause of the loss of collagen. Protect your skin with a cream containing SPF 15 or higher according to the environment you are currently occupying.

4. Reduce sugary foods
Consuming Sweetened foods can trigger excessive glycation process that is causing problems for your skin. Avoid sugar intake, eat natural sugar from fruits and vegetables.

5. Consume protein foods
Every day we lose estrogen which is essential for making collagen which makes your skin healthy and get rid of wrinkles. Consumption of vitamin C and protein foods can help you faster collagen production.

6. Massaging the face
Do light massage on your face every cleaning your face before bed. By massaging the smooth circulation in the face and stimulate collagen growth and also helps stimulate the lymph glands to produce oil that makes the skin retain moisture.

By doing and making the good habitual lifestyle, one will get good condition to have looks younger.