Virus Causes the Obesity

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Adenovirus is the cause of various diseases, ranging up to the upper respiratory stomach problems.
However, when the virus was injected into chickens at the University of Wisconsin, the birds put on weight.
Cell nucleus was also able to turn into fat cells after infection with adenovirus. "The virusappears to be able to multiply the number of fat cells in the body, as well as enlarge the storage capacity of fat in the cells," says the expert of Science and Obesity.
Research on the human body, especially twins, found that obese body tends to produce antibodies to adenovirus-36.
Currently we already have some anti-flu; if one day there will be an injection of an anti-obesity as well?
Oh, creative question of  the concerned people in obesity. All of the same questions may be the initiator of finding and innovation.

 Indeed the Almighty God is the best Creator, He creates genes of diseases for one thing, and the same genes is beneficial to remedy other diseases.