Genes Causing Obesity

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When scientists first discovered the gene in obese mice, they called it "fatso gene".
Years later, they found the same gene (now has a name that is more polite, FTO) in the human body while searching for genes that can increase the potential for type 2 diabetes.
 Apparently, people with two copies of the gene are more likely to suffer from diabetes 40% and 60% obese than those who do not have it. Those who have one copy of the gene is also likely to be more weight than those who do not.
The scientists suspected, that is pretty much  genes in the body, it may be up to 100 pieces, said an expert.  Each gene could add up to one kilogram of your weight. It means, the gene that also affects the amount of calories  should be burn. "
Approximately 16% of the population have two copies of the FTO gene, and half of the people of the world have a copy. So far, the scientists believe that the FTO has a greater influence on body weight rather than a cause of other obesity genes.
Is there good news? Just because you have the FTO, it does not mean you can not do anything about it, Regular exercise can reduce the risk of obesity, and maintain your diet.