Motivating To Be Health Is Important Practice is More Important

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Motivating To Be Health Is Important Practice is More Important

We know all forms of positive things, either from books, from other people's motives, or advice of a wise man, but to embody and practice on yourself it's something more than just talk. Being positive is always at the start of our minds, but in fact little is continued in action. Positive motivating must be trained, but also need to be trained to act positively.

Some people have the given where they were given a strong mind, where they act entirely from the mind. They never gave up, simply because they believe they will. One of them Thomas A. Eddisson. Conducting experiments 99X, 100X with successive failures that need something more than just believing.
But that does not mean there is not the way for people like us, who do not endow with steadfast mind, and this is a way for all who want to act in accordance with positive thoughts.

We can see the results on film Act of Valor. The film is atribute to US Army Special Force. What's interesting about the film is that the cast is not hollywood actresses and actors, but the veterans of The Unit (call for Special Force), and that the film uses real armor and real tactic. Yup, all the shooting scene in the film uses real bullets. Many professions that demands the perpetrators have the abilitiy above average human being, call it as free-solo-climb, where they climb the cliffs thousands of feet alone, without the use of a rope (rope).

In professions such as these, one death error, and the error does not occur when one shooting or wrong footing, but when they begin to have doubts.
Having a mind without a doubt, believe in yourself and keep thinking positive is important while providing heavy pressure, requires a strong soul. Building a strong soul requires a healthy body. I noticed there was similarity of the perpetrators of these professions. As soldiers and athletes, they train their bodies with exercise every day in order to think and to take positive action. Venturing positive thoughts and clear require a healthy body. When training the body every day, we have the confidence and ability to take action in accordance with our minds.

So, if we feel struggling with mind and unproductive, so it's good to fix it by starting to exercise.