Sign of a Healthy Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sign of a Healthy Pregnancy
Pregnant females should pay attention to everything related to the unborn foetus, among other healthy balance that must be met, the growth of a regular bodyweight and healthy, and physical fitness. It's all intended to be a healthy maternity and not vulnerable to disturbance.

What are the signs of a healthy pregnancy?

1. Baby Growth
It can be seen regularly with their maternity. Can be recognized by ultrasound examination fetal growth and placental conditions that support it.

2. Situation of the womb and placenta
Condition of the womb and placenta should remain healthy until distribution. The placenta should be well connected to the uterine wall because if not, it can cause early birth or losing the unborn baby.

3. Baby movement
The physician will suggest to depend fetal activity during maternity as a way to make sure that the baby is receiving enough fresh air and is in fine condition. Expectant mothers tend to start feeling fetal activity between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Weight loss
Doctors generally recommend increased 13-15 pounds during maternity, especially if pre-pregnancy is a healthy bodyweight. But if you are already obese then recommended reduced benefits.

5. Growth stomach
The physician will take dimensions of stomach area consistently to make sure the growth of babies.

6. Hormonal levels
Pregnant females can produce more of the hormone progesterone 400 mg compared with non-pregnant females. The hormone progesterone and oestrogen control endometrium for implantation (attachment of the foetus in the uterus) and keep the womb from acquiring during maternity. Estrogen alone help build a network, and enables more powerful womb.

7. Hypertension level and glucose stages normal
Blood stress and glucose stages are the main signs of a healthy maternity. Hypertension level and blood vessels glucose stages level is varying during maternity and will be a little bit higher, but not the extreme raise.

Healthy Pregnancy can give you healthy maternity so you must protect your pregnancy. Read more about Swimming During Pregnancy