The Show of Strength from Banten

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Show of Strength from Banten

The strength of someone to carry some burden on one’s shoulder depend on the condition of someone’s body health. A porter in harbor working to carry bag of rice or wheat or corn without a machine of forklift. It was in the last time when there was no forklift yet.

Now the task to transport is replaced by the machine. No more human strength is required to transport the heavy thing. In the battle field the strength needed is determined by the degree of advanced weaponry. But there a unique thing in Banten province of western Java island. You may think it of illogical entertainment and spiritual laden art and may be also magical art. It is genuine and originated of the newly parting province of Banten. Formerly Banten was part of west Java Province. and Debus is fairly extreme and unique of this region.

Now Debus as many martial arts on display for cultural events, traditional ceremonies or entertainment. Today Debus art is a combination of dance, sound and art psychotherapy with magical shades. Because it is a tool of Islamic religion in ancient times, the art began to chant sholawat and praise to the Prophet Muhammad.

The show of strength or art entertainment consist of “ Burn body with fire.; Frying an egg on top of the head; Slicing limbs to wounded and bleeding but can be cured instantly with just wipe it away; Eating fire;.Puncturing the stomach with a spear or partially Debus in Arabic means a rod of iron with a pointed tip tipped round. For most ordinary people other arts weapons without getting hurt; Slicing part of the body with a knife or cleaver; wire needle into the tongue, cheek skin or other body part to redeem without bleeding; Flushing the body with hard water to creamed destroyed clothing worn but intact skin; Stepping up or arrangement occupying a sharp machete.

One important thing to prepare in watching debus, please assure your heart is healty, and your heart will beat hard. And the doctor keep near to treat in case your heart attached with the attraction of debus.
It is illogic but it is empirical, you may find in many event.