How to Render Firts Help in Accident

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to Render Firts Help in Accident

We don’t expect accident but accident may occur any time, any where unpredictably. Human is social creature that we have not to avoid to give first aid when the unexpected happen. So that we should know about the handling of some accidents that may occur. in an accident or disaster., A humanitarian call to provide assistance to the victim or patient. Bleeding is a common in an accident, here are we describe how to render first aid to victims of bleeding :

Injure body heavy or light bleeding if not treated immediately can be fatal. When bleeding occurs, it is important for helper to stop bleeding as soon as possible.
Based on the type of bleeding, there are two types of hemorrhoids; external bleeding (bleeding from the wound) and internal bleeding (bleeding inside the body).

1. Human suffers Internal bleeding is more dangerous and more difficult to resolve than external bleeding. To handle the serious internal bleeding is as the following signs to watch out for. Bleeding (way of handling) -

 Carefully but in a soos as possible action, ley the victim comfortably and loosen tight clothing.

- Set in proper stance and bend his/her legs, unless there is a part that is cracked. - If possible, instantly connect or seek medical attention.

- Don’t waste time with giving food or drink to the victim..
-While waiting other help, check the victim at any time if he go into shock (shock).

2. Giving help to External Bleeding handling (hemorrhage of injury).

-Instantly and carefully, ley victim in the recovery position, except when there is a wound in the chest.

-Check Whether the wound contains a thing or bones protruding. If there is, do not touch the wound; binder cushioning.

Take the victim to nearest medical centre.