Sterile Hand Washing for Health

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sterile Hand Washing for  Health

It is very simple but sometimes forgotted. Two minute ensures protection to your health is applicated. Depend on your hand is your health, so make sure your hands is sterile befor the other activities.

- Wet your hands with water flowing through the elbow, forearm towards the use of soap, do the same thing on the next hand.
- Clean the nails with a nail cleaner or a soft brush towards the outside, then wipe the finger to the elbow with a circular motion with a sponge. Repeating the same thing on the other arm. Do it for at least 2 minutes.
- Rinse hands and arms separately with running water, having clean hands hold leads ketas elbow. Do not allow the rinse water to flow into a clean area.
- Rub the entire surface of both hands, fingers and forearms with antiseptic for at least 2 minutes.
- Rinse each hand and arm separately with running water, clean hands after elbow directed upwards. Do not allow the rinse water to flow to the area hand.
- Enforce both hands upward and away from the body, do not touch any surface or object. - Dry hands with a sterile towel or aerated. Dry hands from fingertips to elbow. To use a different hand towels of different sides.

1 Selecting an antiseptic preparation tool: Chlorhexidine gluconate followed by an iodophor could be an option (Wilmore DW (ed), 2004), (E Larson, 1988).
2 Before applying the alcohol solution, prewash hands and forearms with regular soap, and let the hands and arms thoroughly dry.
3 Standard Guidelines also recommend an initial 5-minute scrub with a brush to remove the bacteria that reside in the skin around the nail folds (Wilmore DW (ed), 2004).
4 The fingers and hands are treated as having four aircraft and each sequence must be scrubbed from the fingertips to the area just below the elbow, keeping arms raised to allow water to drain from the fingers and forearm undercurrent.
5. Although the exact duration of the scrub hands still debated, evidence suggests that scrubs 120 seconds is sufficient, provided that at first brush used. 6 When using alcohol-based preparation, follow the manufacturer's instructions, for example, use a portion of 5 ml 4% chlorhexidine gluconate for 2 to 2.5
minutes rubbing, rubbing antiseptic on the skin. Allow hands and forearms to dry thoroughly before donning sterile gloves
Let the hand and arm completely dry before wearing sterile glove.