The Advantages of Stroll/Jogging for Body Health

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Advantages of Stroll/Jogging for Body Health
In the morning the atmosphere was very pleasant. Fresh air, pollution in the streets not so much, still a bit of road users and a pleasant atmosphere it should be used with some light exercise such as jogging. Running in the morning is light and inexpensive activity that has many benefits. Sports activities that one can be young or old, rich or poor, fat or thin, and does not require special techniques like other sports. It is most necessary to be able to perform this activity is the intention. Most people are seriously causing laziness to get up early. Though jogging can increase the spirit of life and the most special is the health benefits.

1. Effect of Jogging on the Body, especially for the Heart Health
Running in the morning as far as 1-2 miles per day could be expected to affect blood circulation which is good for health. If the smooth blood circulation, the heart does not have to work hard so that the blood pressure decreases. By decreasing the blood pressure of some diseases such as stroke and hypertension will stay away. In addition, a smooth blood circulation also facilitate the body's metabolism. This is one reason why it is called a morning run as one of the secret of eternal youth and longevity.

2. Effect on the Lung Health
Pulmonary conditions stimulated to suck more oxygen thus increasing the ability to suck air. This results in increased endurance. In addition, the morning air is still clean, pollution-free, and rich in oxygen. Increased lung capabilities are supported clean air rich in oxygen can kill germs in the lungs such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Respiration as the chemical activity that converts glucose into energy that is then used to move and think. Therefore jogging can stimulate the thinking process and the spirit of life. Such circumstances would make a person more productive. So, it's good for a director to schedule regular morning run for its employees if it wants to improve their productivity. The study also said that regular jogging can make asthma patients breathing becomes clean, silent, and tend to be longer.

3. Benefits Running in the morning on bone health
The morning sun accompanying jogger makes us get vitamin D. Vitamin D from sunlight better than those derived from food because work immediately useful to optimize the absorption of calcium for healthy bones and teeth. That is the reason why jogging can make healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. Relief in the atmosphere and the environment can be healthy or eliminate psychiatric illnesses such as depression.

In association sometimes many elements kompetitipnya, daily activities that make us bored so easily stressed. Jogging can be used as an antidepressant. You can enjoy the scenery around the world before the frenzied claiming its beauty.

If you live on the coast, coastal scenery may be a delicious meal, or rice fields and towering mountains picture, lake, traditional markets, bird chirping, and so can wash the eyes and brain of a boring routine. In addition, enjoy the beauty of nature in the morning can give birth recognized some creative ideas for writing materials, business, or job problem solving.

4. Morning run effect on the menu and the food pattern.
After jogging for 60 minutes ari morning can burn 100 calories. This is an effective way for those who want to diet. Obesity is believed to be the source of various diseases and make bad body odor.
With the jog regularly, you will avoid excess weight. The fat tissue under the skin will burn because the body requires extra energy while jogging.

5. Freshness Body Appeared in the Morning
Various benefits mentioned above would make our bodies become more fit. Fit body and mentally healthy are two things that determine the quality of our sleep.  Condition physically and mentally healthy can make us sleep more soundly. Quality of sleep in general also affect the health of the body. Evidently, people who are sick can not sleep comfortably.

After knowing the various benefits of a morning run, now is the time to throw away the habit of sleeping and lazing in the morning. Utilizing our morning with a healthy light exercise is certainly more delicious than indulging in the endless soft bed sore. We recommend that you warm by moving around the body for 2-3 minutes before the start jogging to avoid cramps.
For those not accustomed to running, you can start running a short distance, then slowly increase the mileage on a regular basis.

So, We could concluded that light jogging is better than forcing heavy exercise the heart and lungs working hard suddenly. Under the rules, jogging should be done every other day, or about ten miles per week.