The Healthy Effects of Goat Milk

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Healthy Effects of Goat Milk

We know there is a wise words say “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”. This wise words is translated into Indonesia wise word as “Four is Healthy and Five is Perfect” the four is corbohydrates, fats, protein, vegetables+fruits, and the one of the five is a glass of milk.

No matter with what kind of milk, but the usual is Cow milk. There is a special trend in community about the milk of goat. Let us see the special advantages of this kind of milk.
Goat Milk privileges: The goat milk is easily digested by intestinal infant child to the elderly.
The characteristics of the milk are :

1. Analysis showed that the milk contains less protein allergy.
Clumps of protein from goat milk that is formed by the stomach acids in a protein (whey) will be more easily digested by babies. This condition can be especially beneficial for spitter or have gastroesophageal reflux condition (GER) or digestive problems.

2. The intestine becomes easy to digest fat.
Fat globules in goat milk is more easily digested because it contains a number of short-chain fatty acids and higher secondary. This condition allows for intestinal enzymes to digest it more easily.

3. Fractions in the milk less lactose content.
This kind of milk is less lactose content that is equal to around four percent compared with nearly five percent in cow’s milk. There is a possibility it is this which makes fewer babies with lactose intolerance due to goat milk.

4. Rich in Beta Casein (milk protein primary). 2.1 x cow's milk protein, is the most appropriate supplementary food for children growth.

5. States of the protein has a gentle laxative effect.

6. Content of potassium is more so it is good for heart patients.

7. Make more component to strengthen the Bone Tamp, because the calcium content. This is very suitable for pregnant women, women who have given birth, menopausal women,
osteoporosis and arthritis sufferers

8. It is good to maintain the condition of the body during illness, while undergoing chemotherapy, and postoperative / hospital.

9. Restoring the health of new mothers, bleeding after childbirth (postpartum), restoring iron after menstruation, also for the one who is deprived of blood (anemia), and others.

10. The milk of goat effect to cause diarrhea and allergies, because they do not have lactose intolerance factor.

11. Healthy Nikotnic breathing because it contains acid that is also useful for the circulatory system, pulmonary system, prevent bad breath, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, lung spots, etc..
12. Avoid bone loss (osteoporosis)
13. Has anti-cancer effects
14. Consuming drug deposits toxic, detoxify the body of toxins and sediment chemical drugs.

Oh, Well, extraordinary milk, different from the usual milk we find at the stores.