Harmful Sleeping Position

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harmful Sleeping Position

Rest is also included as activity that is a dorman activity after an active activity. The best is sleeping. However, the position of the dormant body when taking a rest sometimes overlooked, especially by people who are very active, so it can sometimes fall asleep in a chair or on a vehicle or in other places that are less conducive to the health of the body, I submit the following common sleep conditions:

1. Side Sleeping
When you feel comfortable with the side sleeping, you should tilt the body to the right. As well as tummy sleeping, sleeping on his side to the left will burden the heart with your weight. At the same time, the heart must still pump blood. This result is exhaustion of the heart, and it can be fatal in the long run
. Side sleeping position is best "way opens" ie with a curved back and legs slightly bent towards the chest. This position reduces pressure on the spine, breathing easier, and freeing the body organs. Use pillows which is a little hard on the bottom of the head and neck to relieve pressure on the shoulders. Insert pillow between the legs so that the foundation of the body is not too centered on the hips and cause sore.

Supine Sleeping 2
Sleeping with ease supine position of the head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position. This position can prevent neck and back pain, minimizing wrinkles and keep the breast form remains good. Unfortunately the supine position is not suitable for those who have the habit of snoring. Jaw and throat are also under the influence of gravity which causes narrowing of the throat resulting in air turbulence and vibrations that cause snoring.
3 Sleep sideways
Sleeping with sideways posisis actually good for your overall health because it reduces snoring and striped stretch back bone. But the shortcomings of this position is, "can lead to wrinkles and breast sag,. If you are pregnant, lying on the left side could be an option because it can be blood flow.

4. sleeping on his stomach
Sleeping on his stomach stomach certainly leads down. It is said that the prone sleeping position can put pressure on joints and muscles which can result in pain up to tingling. But both the prone position for those who snore due to upper airway becomes more open. If you do not have a history of back pain, neck and snoring, sleep prone position is the right choice.

Thus we understand now that, harmful sleeping is sleeping on his side to the left will burden the heart to body weight, whereas at that time the heart is to pump blood. This is the sleeping position that endanger our health, especially the heart organ.