Pure Water and Purified

Sunday, September 21, 2014

 Pure Water and Purified 

Our body requires at least two liters of pure water per day to keep body health. The water component in our diet are not included in the category of builder food. Builder substance we get from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. While the presence of water in the food included in are as builder and maintainer along with protein. As the solvent water helps digestion and solvent to neutralize impurities and toxins. Water also keeps the body in balance so that the temperature maintained. The water which we consume should be pure and clean and free from contamination.

Water pollution is the insertion of living organisms, substances, or energy and other components into the water by human activity so that the quality of water decreases to a certain level which causes the water no longer function in accordance with the function. Sources of Water Pollution:

1 Direct / Direct: Direct pollutants contaminate water sources without going through intermediaries for example: water pollution due to oil spills. 2 Indirect / indirect: pollutants get into water sources through soil or ground water systems (eg: groundwater contamination by pesticides dar agricultural activities) and from the atmosphere by rain.

Polluted water should be thrown away. However, if the water source is very scares, polluted water can be purified with water purification technology (recycling technology) that exist. With this technology pollutant in the water discharged, and the pure water and can be obtained and water may be reused as appropriate.