The Health Status of Scavenger

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Health Status of Scavenger

A Scavenger with Two Children

The reader may and may not believe this report about the grievance happen to a citizen/people of this republic living in the capital city of Jakarta without ID, the scavenger.. He and his children live under the bridge, spend the nights there, and day to day activity as scavenger. Say with the unreal names, Mr X and his daughter Yenny and son Saleh. This report was supplied by colleague watching the life in capital city.

Sick Dauhgter

The  daily life of scavenger is a uncertainty of primary facility he got. He/they have no enough daily supply of food even for the development and maintaine the health, he/they just think how to get energy for movement. (Carbohydrate). That is why their health are not maintained. So, once the youngest children of the beloved daughter Jenny pain, brought by the father went to the health center in South Jakarta. "The doctor said Yenny experienced vomiting and was given the drug in the form of syrup and tablets. Mr X pay Rp 4,000." From the health center, Mr X "go home" to where he used to rest under a railroad bridge, Cikini area. Against the cold night, Mr. X laid a sick child in the cart, where he used to put the results of scavenging because that was all he had. That's where Mr. X tried to care for his children.
In fact, doctors at the health center in Central Jakarta, asked Mr. X to bring back his son for treatment.

Squalor that plagued the scavenger families make the father refused recommended by the doctor. Once treatment to the clinic, he had to pay Rp. 4,000. although the cost of treatment was similar for car park
As scavengers, income of about Rp. 10,000.00every day. That money should be enough for the cost of the meal he and his two children. Saleh and Yenny. How to treat a child, let alone with him at the health center? The work of scavengers must leave little daughter Yenny were forced to limp in pain and suffering is also carried in carts, aggravated by heat that afternoon sun and inhale the dust and smoke of street the occasional by his brother, John.

"The medicine from the doctor had to be taken.. However, until the medicine runs out, the pain does not heal well. I want to eat rice. Then, I want to eat chicken porridge is also causing vomited," said Mr. X with tearing because it can only do for children are suffering. So that his stomach is not empty, Mr X gave biscuits dipped with water. The point to be more soft and easy to digest. "However, it has not eat out of two pieces, Yenny back vomit.

With a broken heart to see the face of her children who suffer from pain just surrender and prayer he can do, Without the one who cares, assist and help. In Sunday night, Yenny increasingly weak condition, but he can sleep. "When the azan Subuh, Monday (6/6) continued Mr. X, his daughter woke up and asked for a drink." Physically getting weaker I noticed it, so I chose not scavenged day . I decided to keep her.