Heart Problems and Explanation of Doctor

Friday, September 12, 2014

Heart Problems and Explanation of Doctor

One of the most frequent decease causing dead is the heart attack. Blood streaming in vessel is blocking by the thickening wall of the vessel with the fat. The case is empirical and the same in water causing flood in big towns of overcrowded population. People in slum region build their houses in both bangs of the river causing narrower and narrower water body, in time of rainy season supply of water increase and the stream of water cannot be accommodated. In this case water overflow the bang river and flow to outside the cannal. While in the case of blood inside the cannal of vessel, the blood cannot overflow the vessel, but the blood is jammed. What happen when the blood jammed. Oh, it is extremely pain and fatal. To make the solution, doctor have successfully developed the so call bypass surgery.

The bypass surgery on vessel constriction of the heart with the installation vessel constriction ring deterrent. Many people have been helped with the installation of ring in the coroner. However, concerns arise from those who have been installed the ring, if the ring resembles on the finger goes rusty. Wow, it is a nuisance and dangerous if the ring rust.

To make you understand the condition of the ring, I submit the following interview with doctor about the explanation rings in the blood vessels and the ring.

Question about the STENT
Often a doctor gets questions like this from his patients,
"Doc, stents can be rusty or not, what do you think?"
Stents can not rust because it is made of rust-resistant metal alloys. Let stents, teflon to cook an egg in our mother's kitchen can be made antirust, is it right? So, do not worry, stent has been placed in your heart will not rust. "Doc, can the stents be shifted?"
Stents can not be shifted because once the stent expands (expand) she will remain in place.
"Doc, I can not stand feel the pain, it is really the stent cause pain ?" Pain just in the incision in the arm or leg veins, stent or catheter income will not cause pain because the blood vessels do not have pain sensors.
"Doc, why after stent I have to keep taking blood thinning medications?"
However, a stent is a foreign object to the body and upper body reaction foreign body can be the formation of a blood clot in a stent (stent thrombosis) which can be fatal. This risk is increased in the use of drug-coated stents (DES) compared with drug-coated stents without (BMS) for the drug-coated stents, the drug attached to the stent using a polymer material which tend to trigger the formation of a blood clot (thrombus).

. Therefore, after stenting (any kind), the patient should continue taking blood-thinning drugs (clopidogrel and aspirin) according to the dosage and length of time prescribed by your doctor.

This interview frequently happen in many minds of patient of heart peoblem.
Hopefully the added ring confidence in the healing of our heart, to continue living more cautious again, and helpful life for yourself and to help others who need help.