How to Make Teeth White and Healthy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Make Teeth White and Healthy

 With bright white teeth, a smile will look more attractive so more confident when performing in front of people. But sometimes people do not realize that the teeth are problematic unless the disturbing ache. Dental health can also by habits and the way we brush teeth.To make tooth healty is actually easy to do.

In order to have healthy teeth, we know in advance the following characteristics:

Teeth look white

If we are diligent in taking care of your teeth by brushing your teeth at least twice a day, the teeth will look white and healthy. White teeth not only make a more beautiful smile, but a sign that white teeth are healthy and strong teeth.

Gums look red

Color red gums is a sign that your teeth and mouth healthy. Red gums mean circulation in the area of the teeth and mouth smoothly, otherwise if the gums look white and pale can be a sign that your teeth and mouth problems.
Red tongue
In addition to the gums, tongue healthy also look red or pink. To maintain the health of the tongue, it is also necessary to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner on a regular basis to avoid the growth of bacteria that can damage teeth.

Teeth are not perforated

 Holes in teeth can be caused by bacteria due to accumulation of food residue on the teeth. Improper care and infection can also cause cavities.The presence of holes in the teeth indicates that unhealthy teeth.
Can eat comfortably. Healthy teeth can certainly accept any food without any problems. If tooth pain when eating or drinking hot or too cold, it's a sign of sensitive teeth. Teeth that are weak and unhealthy also be problematic when chewing harder food.

After knowing the characteristics of healthy teeth, the next is to always take care of your teeth white and healthy. This is how:

-Brushing correctly Everyone can brush your teeth, but not all the way done it right. It is recommended to brush your teeth with vertical movement and the movement of the soft yet to reach all parts of the tooth. Finish by rinsing and do not let the rest of the paste remains on the teeth.

-Avoid coffee and sodas Soda and coffee is the cause of stains on the teeth. Soda and coffee stained teeth not only make, but slowly change the color of teeth. Use a straw if you want to enjoy coffee and soda so that not all of the white part of the tooth. Hopefully the above tips can help you maintain healthy teeth.

- Brush your teeth regularly These are the basic things to do to be able to have a healthy and strong teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice daily in the morning and evening before bed. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to be more comfortable and not erode the enamel.

-Rinse your teeth after eating Leftover food will accumulate on the sidelines of the tooth and cause bacterial growth. Get used to rinse after eating for the rest of the dirt can come out and clean the teeth and avoid the bacteria that causes plaque and tartar.

-Choosing the right tooth paste Despite so many toothpaste products on the market, but not all of them suitable for you. Choosing the right toothpaste is obligatory if you want to have a healthy and strong teeth. If the destination you want to whiten your teeth, use whitening toothpaste in order to obtain faster results. If you are confused to determine pasata dental products, you can consult a dentist to get the right advice