Guideline For Health Protection

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guideline For Health Protection

When there is forest on fire, the atmosphere is full of smoke, and it unhealthy air. Air polluation with the smoke. If we are in areas experiencing forest fire smoke pollution, protect ourselves from the pollution. Let's see what is the guidelines for the community in dealing with forest fire smoke. Here is the guidelines:

-Close the window and door of the house, and use the air conditioner is not taking air from outside. Do not use ozone-maker because it will add to the pollution.

-Do not add to the pollution in the home. So do not smoke, reduce the cooking with a stove or oven, and do not burn anything such as candles.

-Reduce physical activity. When exercising, the body needs air 10 to 20 times more than normal conditions.

-Children, the elderly aged 65 years and over, as well as people who have respiratory problems such as asthma and lung, it is recommended not to leave the house. Similarly, healthy adults should avoid going out when it is not necessary.

-Use a good quality mask, for example, with a standard masks. Regular cloth masks are not effective to avoid inhalation of pollutants into our lungs.

Here are additional tips to face forest fire smoke :

-If worsen condition, go to a doctor if you experience breathing problems.
-if you feel irritation of the eyes, use eye drops. When forced to leave the house,
take the eye drops that can be used at any time when needed.
-For certain people, If you use contact lenses and feel uncomfortable, do not use for a while, until the situation improved.
- To make refreshment, If there is a chance, wash your face after leaving the house.
- Smoke will make our troat dryer so drink lots of water
- Depend on condition, consider for temporary refuge.

Conclusion Hopefully, all plantation corporation and people have the awareness to keep our ecology comfortable to live. The companies denied of having been burning their land concession, and people burn because it is practical and chieper to open land by burning. Government should proactive and continue in promotion and giving guideline how to open land and imform all the punishment for those that trespass the law. V