Health Condition of Scavenger Life

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Health Condition of Scavenger Life

The grievence life of scavenger increased with the dead of his daughter due to unhealthy condition. The report are as follow:
Daily Problem Around 07.00, I noticed her eyes darkened and his face paler. "Mr. X getting panicked and tried to wake her baby was. However, Yenny lay quiet, no reaction at all. Mr X understands, his already facing the Almighty . God apparently intervened to save this innocent little girl, after four days huddled in a wheelbarrow, Yenny summoned to his bosom. at 07.00 am on Sunday, 3-year-old girl breathed her last in the clash of the Lord, an old wagon being in a "home" is roomy without a roof and walls, under the train overpass Cikini area. Mr. X mourning, Muriski not know his sister died, and the busy people passing by. He could only stare at the bodies of his son crying in the cart. in stoned amid grief, he does not know where his daughter's body was buried. he had no relatives in Jakarta.

Mr. X takes his shirt pocket. There is little money left, but not up to Rp. 10,000. "Let bury a child, to buy a shroud I just can not afford," he said. Mr. X makes desperate squalor want to bring the bodies beloved little daughter to village in, Bogor, using electric train (KRL) Greater Jakarta. There, a location where his family settled scavengers, he was hoping for burial assistance. Jakarta does not allow it. Once occur to Mr. X.
The bodies of the youngest were taken using a cart, work tool and sleeping quarters two children every day. He walk along station heading. Approaching the station, Yenny is carried using a sarong like carrying a child who is still alive, so it does not look dead, little girl's face was covered with a cloth sock. While the other hand leads Saleh, a boy of six years.

Seeing a man carrying a child with a closed face, a fad drink merchant asked, "I said my daughter is dead and will be taken to Bogor," Mr. X said bluntly. This candor brings woe, the other passengers who heard the commotion spontaneously answer it. This day carrying a corpse rises KRL? Mr. X was herded like a prisoner to the police station. Mr. X then is interrogated by police in police station, more than four hours Mr X and his divorsed wife were interrogated by the police. In conclusion, the police remained suspicious, and decided to send a corpse of Yenny for autopsy. Mr. X bow and surrender. But in the hospital morgue, he firmly refused his daughter to be treated in autopsy. The problem is, he did not have the money for the cost of the autopsy, In addition to his sorry to see the bodies of his daughter. Rigid body of the little Yenny not be dissected because Mr X has no money for the cost of autopsy, Tiny corpse was allowed to be taken out of the hospital by way of carried on Mr X's shoulder. Where does the child have to be buried? The question was showered mind Mr. X. In a daze, he carried the body of his daughter to the streets. A number of ambulance driver could offer services to transport the body. Services? Yes, services in Jakarta means current funds. Ambulance driver to undo the services he heard Mr. X does not have the money to pay. Without any concern on the part of Mr. X's Hospital poor were allowed to pass.

Out of the hospital, the sun was nearly drowning. Back with wet eyes Mr. X confusion where the bodies where would be brought to the beloved youngest child. "I think that to Bogor already too late. Then, Mr X remember to his friend Mrs. Sri, the owner of boarding in Manggarai. He lived Previously in 2003, He had lived there when rented a small room.

The man went to the friend (Mrs Sri) with such a small little person corpse. Traders around the hospital, a few people who knew the happening began contribute/ gave money to Mr. X. Feeling modest enough money from the charity, Mr X called bajaj (Three wheeled car) driver. Bajaj rolled to Manggarai, South Jakarta, to meet Mrs Sri. Sri incubate tears. The woman were crying heard the sad story in that Sunday. Tiny body of Yenny wrapped in sarong yellowish red color was then enfolded of arms of Mr. X. The body was then laid on a thin mattress on which was in the living room of his house. 40-year-old woman and her neighbors for help. Finally,people in Location sincerely help take care of the corpse, there is a yellow flag put-angle corner of the alley, there are praying and bathing. The next day, the youngest daughter of Mr X buried in Park Cemetery in Menteng Pulo, flower paradise was finally able to rest in peace, ushered poor people rich charity.

Conclusion It is a tragic life occurred because of the public and government officials are now no longer care for its citizen health and all the life condition. Their fault is coming and living in their capital city without ID of the city. It is a mis-administrative procedure, and government/policy makers that should be responsible for taking care of its citizen. It is a blow to the nation of Indonesia. The incident should not have happened if the government provides health care for people who can not afford. That occurred during this time, The government should combate poverty, and take care of the poor with wiser public policy. And the government should hear the voice of NGO in this respect.